What’s an ISBN number and why am I happy to have one?

Here are the new official ISBN numbers for my upcoming book Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical!



What is an ISBN number?

It is the ID number for a published book. The same book can have more than one ISBN number– for example, the paperback version of a book will have a different ISBN number than the hardcover version. If you pick up any published book, you can find its ISBN number on the back cover barcode area. It should also be inside the book, on the same page as the copyright information.

The world has so many books now that in 2007, the powers-that-be changed the ISBN numbering system to add more digits. The old system, ISBN-10, is still in use. As you can see, Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical has been assigned an ISBN-10 number. I also have a new system ISBN-13 number.

The book is not yet for sale, but I have crossed another bridge.



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