Found Some Boo-Boos

Going over the proof copy of Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical, I found a few small items that needed to be changed. Most notably, the name “Muggsy” was written as “Muggy.” Since muggy is a real word, the spell check didn’t flag it. I missed it when I went through the manuscript before I submitted it, possibly because the name was written in italics. Most of the other small mistakes were also in italics. I guess my eyes don’t catch them as easily as they do when it’s in regular print.

Muggsy is a tough T-Rex character who will NOT be happy with me if her/his* name is not spelled correctly in the book. Muggsy’s sidekick, Tuffy, won’t like it either. Or else Tuffy will laugh at Muggsy. “Heh, heh! I’m gonna start calling you Muggy!” This will make Muggsy even angrier. Then there’s Boss, the leader of the T-Rex gang. NOBODY wants to mess with Boss, not even me!

* All of the roles in Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical are not gender specific; they can be played by girls or boys.


3 thoughts on “Found Some Boo-Boos

  1. 🙂 This was the first sci-fi/fantasy work for kids I’ve written since I was a kid myself. My friend Sandy, who teaches music at a Montessori school, needed a dinosaur play for her students so she asked me to write one. That’s how this whole project began.


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