The Benghazi Hearing On Ice

While I am a politically active person, this is a (mostly) non-political blog. However, for yesterday’s Benghazi Hearing, I will make an exception. Trey Gowdy insisted it was not a prosecution, but does anybody believe him? The interrogation of Hillary Clinton went on for eleven hours. ELEVEN HOURS!

No, I didn’t sit and watch the entire eleven-hour ordeal, but I caught a lot of it amidst my comings and goings and doings. At one point, I checked my Twitter feed for news about this weekend’s Skate America competition. On Twitter, I have everything related to figure skating organized onto a separate list. But when I clicked it, most of the tweets were about Hillary Clinton, not Skate America. These are people who generally don’t tweet about politics; many of them are Millennials. Yet there they were, showing their support for Hillary Clinton and their disgust for the Republicans on the committee.

In figure skating terms, Hillary skated an eleven-hour long program, landing every single one of her triple jumps– including some triple axels. Her presentation was flawless. She won over the audience. I give her 6.0s across the board. (This is my blog and I can use the old judging system if I want to!)

As for Trey Gowdy and friends, I have too much respect for my favorite sport to compare them to figure skaters. They reminded me more of Tonya Harding’s ex-husband’s 1994 goon squad.


2 thoughts on “The Benghazi Hearing On Ice

  1. I’m not a huge fan of Hillary, for reasons I won’t air, here. However, the hearing was ludicrous, excessive, and Ill-conceived. The republicans are insane, and there’s no way that wasn’t a grilling. She gets high marks in my book for fortitude and grace under fire, as well as delivering some remarkable responses.

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