She Was Sitting At A Desk, Just SITTING At A Desk!

She was sitting at a desk, just SITTING at a desk!

She was not hurting anyone else. She was not hurting herself. She wasn’t hurling chairs around the classroom, or pointing a weapon at anybody. This African-American teenager was just sitting at her desk at Spring Valley High School.

“But we don’t know what happened before the video!”

Whatever happened before the video, this girl was not out of control at the time the white school security officer put her in a headlock and flipped her over. He flipped the desk with her. It was an excessive use of force.

“The girl was probably shooting off her mouth. Kids today have no respect for authority!”

The kids I went to school with in the 1980s were not saints. We all mouthed off to our teachers once in awhile. A few times, the teachers lost their cool and swore back at us. But nobody called in a rent-a-cop. Nobody flipped us over our desks.

Any adult who works with teenagers is going to hear a lot of sass. It comes with the territory. If they can’t handle it, then they should find a different job.

“They say the girl had been using her phone in class. She was breaking the rules!”

A sassy high school kid with a cell phone is so scary and dangerous that the security officer “needed” to slam her to the ground? Is this what happens when kids break the rules these days? Are these the kinds of schools we want to have? Would you want someone treating your younger self that way when you broke the rules? Would you want someone doing this to your child when he/she breaks the rules?

“I heard the girl was supposed to report to the office but refused to leave the classroom.”

That’s no reason to put her life in jeopardy. The officer could have broken that child’s neck!

She was sitting at a desk, just SITTING at a desk! Take a look and see for yourself:


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