Coming Soon! The Ebook Version Of Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical


I have started the process of publishing Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical as an ebook. It is currently available only in paperback.

When will the ebook version be available? It depends on how smoothly the formatting process goes. For the paperback version, all I had to do was convert my file to .pdf and upload them into CreateSpace. That was the easiest leg of the journey. I’ve heard from authors who had a similar experience with their ebooks– they uploaded it, it looked good, all was right with the world. I have also heard from authors who went through formatting hell to get the bugs out of their ebooks.

We shall see…



Here is the cover art for Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical.

UPDATE 1/25/16: I converted the files and uploaded them into KDP. Everything came through OK; there’s no major infestation of bugs. But I am having an issue with the table of contents. I did not realize that ebooks don’t have page numbers. I may scrap the table of contents altogether, since there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to format hyperlinks with the application I am using. At any rate, my goal is to make the ebook version of Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical available by the end of this week.


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