Valentine’s Weekend Blogshare

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


For Valentine’s Day, let’s spread some love around! In the comments, leave the name of a love song. (It doesn’t have to be a “nice” love song!) If you are a blogger, also include a link to your blog.

For my love song, I picked “Love Song” by the Cure. OK, that was too easy. I will pick another one. How about “Think I’m In Love” by Beck?

Now it’s your turn!

18 thoughts on “Valentine’s Weekend Blogshare

  1. Hallo Jens. Saw your tweet for this and thought i’d drop in early 🙂 Hope you have a happy and fun weekend. The first song that sprang to my mind is Tainted Love by Soft Cell(!) – I’m probably showing my age there, but if not, I am in my early bird valentine’s blog post
    posted toward another weekend bloghop party for valentine’s going on here via @JacquelineOby Maybe see you again, best wishes 🙂

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    • All the comments are automatically queued unless you’ve posted here before. WordPress had it set up that way when I started the blog, and I just kept it that way. But it’s always good to add some extra songs to the list. (I happen to be listening to “Hello” by Adele as I’m typing this.)

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  4. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Great party, Jen! My favorite love song is “Falling in Love with Jesus” by Jonathon Butler. Check out my blog here: It’s filled with anecdotes about every day life as seen through a spiritual lens.

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