#AmEditing Progress Report 2

I am back in the #amediting saddle again after spending most of February and March stuck in a rut. My health was not good and what little writing I did manage to accomplish was so lousy that I had to go back and do it all over again once I felt better. Hopefully, I will stay better.

Chapter 3 of my figure skating novel, Red Flags, is polished and complete. I didn’t make any major changes, but it’s a long chapter that spans a year-and-a-half time period. Larissa has her first Olympic experience– at age five, watching the competition on TV at her coach’s house with a group of other skaters. I don’t mention the year, but it would have been the 1976 Olympics. None of the skating competitions in Red Flags is true-to-life. They’re all in different locations with fictional skaters. If this were the real world, Larissa would have watched Dorothy Hamill win Olympic gold. But the story only names two fictional Soviet skaters who do not win medals. At this stage, Larissa isn’t as interested in who wins what as she is in what the elite skaters on TV are actually doing on the ice.

In this part of the story, I also explore Larissa’s coach’s frustration with the Soviet sports system. He believes he could do a better job than the current elite coaches in Moscow and Leningrad, but he’s stuck at a rink in Murmansk that is used primarily for hockey. He is looking for a way out, and he sees it in the pint-sized prodigy who is attempting a double toe loop on the floor of his living room.



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