#AmEditing Progress Report 6

I’m getting into the home stretch!

After the lengthy process of editing Chapter 10 of Red Flags, I breezed through Chapter 11. The chapters do not have titles, but I think of Chapter 11 as the Olympic chapter. (No, I’m not telling you who wins!) This is  where Larissa, now seventeen years old, makes a decision that will permanently alter the course of her life.


Now I am about one-third of the way through Chapter 12. Larissa is putting her plan into action. Since the backdrop is a post-Olympic skating tour across the USA, I think of this chapter as the tour chapter. Among the scenes I edited tonight was the one that mentions David Bowie.

In a later scene, I found a spot where I want to make some changes. This scene is from the POV of the American tour producer. The way I have it written, he perceives Larissa in a way that is accurate as far as her character is concerned, yet I don’t think he knows enough about her life in the Soviet Union to be this accurate. I plan to change a few sentences so that he perceives her inaccurately. This will give him a bigger shock when she does the unexpected.


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