DONE!!! #AmEditing Progress Report 8



I edited the final chapter of Red Flags this afternoon. Chapter 14 is a short one with only one scene, written in the POV of Larissa’s father, who happens to be the easiest character for me to write. I worked through it in a few hours.

What’s next? I get to do all the same fun stuff I did last year with Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical— formatting, cover art, back cover blurbs, getting an ISBN number, uploading the manuscript to CreateSpace, going through the proof copy looking for boo-boos, not to mention the marketing.

I’m almost happy with the back cover blurbs I’ve already written, so that shouldn’t be a monumental task. I’ve come up with a basic cover design and have started playing around with the artwork. (No, it doesn’t look like the picture I posted above; that’s just a little doodling thing I made on Canva.) I’m mostly nervous about the formatting. My last book was a short one; Red Flags will run about 400 pages. There is much room for error. But at least this time around, I know what I’m doing. Sort of…



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