Preparing to Publish: ISBN Number

A little more than a year ago, I was in this same place with Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical. The book was “finished”, but I had a bazillion tasks to complete before I could publish it. One of these tasks was obtaining an ISBN number, which is an identification number for books.


Today, I obtained my ISBN number for Red Flags from Amazon CreateSpace. Actually, the book has two ISBN numbers– the 10-digit number is based on the old, 2007 system. The powers-that-be had to expand the number of digits to keep up with amount of  books that are being published. That’s where the 13-digit number comes in.

Here are the ISBN numbers for Red Flags:

I have also been busy working on cover art and formatting the manuscript. Earlier, I painted a Soviet flag that will go somewhere on the cover. I have a basic design in mind that will include the “ice” background you see in this post. But I need to play around with it a little more– and maybe get some feedback from potential readers– before I make a final decision.

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