Red Flags: Almost ready to publish!

Today was one of those I-got-a-lot-of-stuff-done days.


I completed the formatting for my figure skating novel, Red Flags. Then I ran it through spell check one last time. That always takes forever on account of all the Russian characters’ names. I did find a few boo-boos, mostly stupid little typos. (How in the world did I end up with “Sstore”?) After I went back and fixed the errors, I uploaded the manuscript into CreateSpace. No problems! No issues! Yay!

Next, I started working on the book cover. I had to do some tweaks to make sure the flags didn’t go off the top of the page. I won’t know what it really looks like until I order the proof copy. With my previous book, Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical, the actual cover came out a lot darker than it appears onscreen. It’s kelly green rather than lime green.

I’m still playing around with the back cover blurb. More on that later…


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