As a writer who is about to publish a novel set in the Soviet Union– a place where the characters have no freedom to choose their leaders or much of anything else– I urge all the Americans who are reading this to get out and vote on November 8th! If you are not in the United States, vote in your next election.

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One thought on “Please 

  1. I will be voting on Tuesday! For me, for my children, their children, and the future of our country, and because I have a right and an obligation to use my voice that others, long ago, fought so hard to give to generations of women – and men – who came after them. I’m also voting for progress and to make sure the liberties we’ve earned are not taken away from us. As a woman, an immigrant, a mother, and someone who believes in opportunities for all, there is only one choice for me, and she will have my vote on Tuesday.

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