Current Events, Disillusionment, Doubt

Last night’s election results left me depressed and disillusioned. I take comfort in knowing that Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote, if not the electoral vote. With a Trump presidency on the horizon, I’m experiencing doubts about everything, including my upcoming novel, Red Flags.


Recent events have given the novel’s ending a darker meaning. In one of my “what’s the point?” moments, I almost decided not to publish it. But I choose to ignore those doubts and proceed as planned. (I am currently waiting for my proof copy of Red Flags to arrive in the mail.) Why should I let the results of a crummy election interfere with my writing goals? I cannot let the powers-that-be silence me– or my characters.

No matter where Larissa goes, she does not live in a perfect world. This is a kid who has been used and abused. She also has to keep her sexual orientation under wraps. While same-sex marriage is in jeopardy under a Trump presidency, in the Red Flags time period it was unthinkable. In Russia today, sexual minorities continue to be persecuted as they were during the Soviet era. I don’t expect my book to change my own society, let alone someone else’s. But through my characters, I can let the world know, “this is not OK.”



2 thoughts on “Current Events, Disillusionment, Doubt

  1. NOW is not the time to take away one more novel with a queer protagonist! We need more and more! ESPECIALLY when it is about oppressive regimes, abuse, and human rights! We need artists more than ever.

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    • Thanks, Lorrie. I needed to hear that. All this time, I was planning to release the book in an end-of-Obama-beginning-of-Hillary-kumbaya context. But with Trump’s election, the game has changed for the reader as well as for myself. This includes readers outside the USA– the whole world is freaked out. But just in the past few hours, I am seeing something new emerging. It’s the 1960s version 2.0. There are people protesting all over our fine country. God bless them!


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