Red Flags Will Be Available Soon

I finished proofing my figure skating novel, Red Flags. I corrected the few boo-boos I found. I also corrected a few passages that don’t technically qualify as mistakes, but they bugged me for one reason or another.

After I fixed the boo-boos, I uploaded the corrected file into CreateSpace. Now I have to wait for them to approve my file. That usually doesn’t take long, maybe a day.


In the meantime, I wrote the description and author bio, which will appear on the book’s Amazon page. They’re pretty much the same as what’s on the back cover, except I added a trigger warning. I have mixed feelings about this, but I decided it was necessary. Since my last book was a dinosaur play for children, I don’t want anyone mistaking Red Flags for a middle grade novel. I also don’t want to traumatize abuse survivors or anyone else who can’t deal with this type of story. There are some disturbing scenes in this book, and I feel it’s best to warn readers about it now.

Choosing the right genre for Red Flags was tricky, since it doesn’t fit neatly into one category. I settled on Fiction/Coming Of Age. I entered five keywords/phrases that will hopefully make it easy for readers to find my book. I may change those.

Once the file is approved, I can publish Red Flags whenever I like. It may happen sometime tomorrow, perhaps the next day. I would like to get it out by this weekend. Last time, the book was on sale at the CreateSpace store first. It came up on Amazon several hours later, but I’ve heard that can take a few days. Traditionally published books have one official release date. With indie books like mine, it’s more of a roll-out process, where the book becomes available in different places on different dates.

Will Red Flags be available as an ebook? Yes, eventually. I’ll start that process once the paperback version is safely launched into its orbit. Watch this blog for updates.


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