Cassette Tapes Are Back!

Here’s something I haven’t seen in at least a decade!


Yes, those are cassette tapes– new ones– for sale in a store at the mall. I went Black Friday shopping with the relatives and spotted this box of cassettes near the front entrance at Urban Outfitters. They’ve been carrying vinyl albums for awhile, and now they have cassettes.

I had to snap the photo in a hurry, since there were a half-dozen shoppers crowded around the cassette display. I’m sorry you can’t read the labels, but they had Prince’s Purple Rain among newer releases by Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, and the 1975. I’ll go back and take another look on a day when there aren’t so many people in the store.

For years, I used to tape songs off the radio. I still have those old cassettes– hundreds of them! Last year, my reliable 1985 Panasonic boom box came down with a bad case of the croup. It took several months to find a suitable replacement. Blank tapes aren’t easy to find, either.

It brightened my day to see that cassettes are back. Yay, kids!!!


2 thoughts on “Cassette Tapes Are Back!

  1. Wow!! Sweet news. I wish I knew where all of my cassettes were – the ones I recorded on – and there were plenty!! We were just telling our daughter the other day about the fun we used to have waiting to hear a song come on the radio and hitting that “Record” button! Ah, neat times!! Thankfully, she’s fallen in love with albums. 🙂

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