Too Busy Christmas

I needed to take a break from marketing my book and worrying about the impending apocalypse, so I made this on Canva.


Yeah, I put too much stuff in this work of “art.” But I think it captures the chaos and busy-ness of the holiday season pretty well.



4 thoughts on “Too Busy Christmas

  1. Hi Jen, glad to see you still blogging and love the Xmas pic you made in Canva 🙂 you ever still use the basic MSPaint programme? There are ways of enhancing the basic functionality to make your 2D illustrations offline and keeping the resolution low for small screens etc. Eg: You can get more colours by using the dropper tool to select from your other image files, ie pasting a small section, selecting colour then deleting the pasted segment to remove it from your work. Apols if you already know that (I love lo-tech and tend to avoid most online creation tools for intellectual property rights concerns, although I understand why most bloggers and social media fans like them). Anyway, i’ll catch up with reading your blog another time and hope you have very happy Xmas holidays 🙂

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    • I have a Mac, so I’m not sure if MSPaint will work for me. I can do some basic artwork with Mac’s Pages– this is where I made the ice background for the cover of Red Flags. But I could use something that will allow me to do more elaborate artwork.


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