More fun with Canva

Canva has added new Christmas/holiday/winter illustrations to their library, including some skaters. One of them happened to have the same hairdo as Larissa, so I changed the colors around and here she is:


In the Soviet Union, the school uniform for girls were hideous brown dresses, so that’s what Larissa is wearing under her sweater. She ditched the apron and the hair bow. This spiral position is not good– Larissa could do better spirals than this before she was old enough to go to school– so we’ll say this is a picture of her at age ten, either right before or right after her knee injury.

Here is another one of my Canva creations. Note the resemblance between Larissa and the blond skater in this picture. Since there were only three different skaters, I made a pair of twins. I wish they’d had a boy skater, but there were only girls.



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