The Battle of the Boldface Bug



In response to Nook users, I’ve decided to “go wide” and make the ebook version of Red Flags available via other ebook platforms. But when you have a Mac and the computerized world is designed for Microsoft users, bugs can and do appear. I spent half the evening tinkering with my manuscript, trying to upload it into Direct2Digital, and then trying to fix the inevitable issues that crop up whenever I have to convert a Mac Pages document to Word.

I still have no idea why this happened. But starting with Chapter 4, the type in parts of the uploaded document kept appearing in boldface. Only the chapter headings were supposed to be in boldface– nothing else. I went back again and again and tried to fix this issue. I even took the boldface chapter headings out of the manuscript. But the uploaded document looked the same each time.

After much trial and error, I managed to fix the boldface problem and ended up with a sample ebook that looked right.

Except for one small thing.

The name of the author (that’s me!) appears on its own separate page instead of on the title page where it belongs. But I decided I would rather live with this quirk than go back and risk another encounter with the boldface bug or one of its equally troublesome cousins. Having the author’s name on a separate page won’t interfere with the reading experience whereas the boldface bug will drive readers nuts. Sometimes getting something 99 percent right is good enough.

I’m taking a break for now. I will post again when I finish the process, hopefully sometime within the next few days.

Have any of my fellow indie authors dealt with similar bugs and quirks? If so, feel free to write about your experience in the comments.


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