Fun With Fake Book Covers

Once again, I found myself playing around on Canva. I guess you can say it has become a hobby. This time, I designed covers for fake books by fake authors.

I don’t know who the Rubinsteins are– I started with Groovy’s book and it turns out she comes from a large family of prolific authors with bizarre life experiences.

First, we’ll start with Groovy. (Yes, it’s her real name– or so she says. I have learned not to believe everything a character tells me when I first “meet” them.)


Next comes Muffit, whose suit and tie provided a deep contrast to her older sister’s tie-dye shirt and bell bottoms…


Uncle Poindexter insists his story is true. He became rather testy when I asked too many questions. “If you want to know what happened, read the book!”


Lacey Rose is from a younger generation; she is Groovy’s daughter. She is the romantic of the family. I was not introduced to Lacey’s “true love”. Groovy described him as “too much of a conformist. He reminds me of my sister Muffit!”


Last (but not least) is Deardra. Unlike the other Rubinsteins, she writes fiction. But Poindexter informed me that Deardra’s book is based on reality. “She went into the woods one day and we didn’t see her again for three years.”

However, according to Deardra, she deliberately avoided her family during that time period. “I am just a cousin– a distant cousin. By choice.”


Although these are not real books, the color scheme, photograph, and font used in each cover gives you an idea of which genre or category that book would fit into if the Rubinsteins were to sell them on Amazon.

Which one do you want to read first?


3 thoughts on “Fun With Fake Book Covers

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