Happy Valentine’s Day… Fake Book Covers #2

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I made another collection of fake book covers by fake authors. (You can see the first collection here.)

Once again, all of the fictional authors are members of the Rubinstein family. I was already aware that Lacey Rose Rubinstein had published a “romance memoir”. I asked if any other members of the family had written anything suitable for Valentine’s Day. This is what they sent me…


Groovy Rubinstein offered up the second installment of her ongoing series of memoirs. She described it as a “celebration of Arctic polyamory.”



Is this a romance novel? Is it a memoir? Lacey Rose would not tell me.



Here is another book by Lacey Rose. This one, she assured me, is a work of fiction. “No one in our family has ever had a wedding where the bride ran off with the best man. Then again, no one in our family has ever had a real wedding. I was trying to imagine what normal people are like, and this is what I came up with.”

I can relate to that!



Zesta Rubinstein turned out to be Lacey Rose’s identical twin. While Lacey Rose writes about romance, Zesta’s literary output has a decidedly more erotic flavor. The inspiration for this book came from the same Yukon communal experience chronicled in Groovy’s aforementioned memoir. “Once you’ve spent all those years freezing your ass off in the tundra, you want something HOT!!!”



The final book in our collection is a recent discovery. Groovy’s sister Muffit (who does not write romantic books) has been tracing their family’s roots. “Ruby Ruth was the original writer in our family,” Muffit told me. “So far, I have only found this one book, but my research indicates there are at least three others. All of them have been banned.”

Not anymore!



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