Another Twitter ad for Red Flags

For my latest Twitter ad, I decided to bring back Shirelle and Becky. I wish I could use them for a Facebook paid ad campaign, but Facebook won’t allow ads with a lot of text. They had issues with every single ad I submitted that had any text beyond Red Flags and my name. What happens to authors with longer names and longer book titles?


Will Shirelle and Becky make more appearances? I don’t know. The figure skating season is over, so for now I’m just playing around with different ideas.


3 thoughts on “Another Twitter ad for Red Flags

  1. As far as my blog is concerned Facebook is invaluable for their ability to generate traffic. On an average post Facebook, where I don’t advertise but post on groups, will generate on average 38 times the traffic that Twitter.. Twitter followers will reach reach something without ever going to the actual article. I think this is why Twitter is failing miserably. I am not found the Facebook and since the election I have curtailed the amount of post to my blog because my health is more important. I’m pleased that Twitter is allowing your ads on their platform and shame on Facebook on so many counts.

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  2. Don’t worry about the typos. I wouldn’t have noticed them if you hadn’t mentioned them! 🙂
    My Twitter ads aren’t the paid kind. They’re just regular tweets with links to where people can buy my book, along with hashtags. Most of the hashtags are the ones used by figure skating fans during certain competitions. For example, #WorldFigure was the hashtag the fans were using during the World Championships; #WTTFigure was the hashtag for the World Team Trophy. This worked pretty well while the skating season was in full swing, but now that it’s over I probably will have to resort to paid Twitter ads.


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