Don’t Call Them “alt-right.” Call Them What They Really Are– White Nationalists

I wrote and posted the original back in November. I am reblogging it now because of Charlottesville.

Jens Lyon

Don’t call them “alt-right.”

It makes them sound like a group of twentysomething-year-old College Republicans sitting around a Student Center table, trying to think of ways to get the campus hipsters to join their cause. “Let’s face it, fellas. At a liberal school like ours, Republicans have a serious branding problem. We need to change our name to something that sounds cool and trendy. You know, like alternative rock? We’ll be the alternative right. The alt right!”

Alt-right also sounds like the name of some long-abandoned Usenet newsgroup from the 1990s, a place where no one has posted anything since George W. Bush got elected.


Don’t call them “alt-right.” Call them what they really are– white nationalists, white supremacists, white separatists, or neo-Nazis.

“Alt-right” makes them sound harmless. They aren’t.

“Alt-right” normalizes them. They aren’t normal. They must never be considered anything close to what our society deems normal. Here’s…

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