Edited November 29, 2016… My novel, Red Flags, is now available at Amazon and Kindle. (Click the book cover on the sidebar to order.) Unlike my previous book, Red Flags is NOT for kids. It is a coming-of-age story about a Soviet figure skater who plots to set herself free from an abusive coach and the system that enables him.


I am the author of Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical, a fun-filled story in script form for kids ages 8-12 and their teachers. It is about a team of 22nd century scientists who journey back to the Cretaceous period, unaware that there is a stowaway crocodile inside their time machine. The songs in the musical are based on traditional children’s/folk tunes. The book can be used for a full-scale school musical, for classroom readings, or for kids to read to themselves.

For ordering information, click on the Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical cover on the sidebar.

Everyone says that writers should be a “brand”, but I don’t roll that way. I can’t fit myself into a box. I have many interests that might find their way into this blog– or into one of my stories. They include:

1. Writing

2. Social justice issues, especially women’s rights

3. Education

4. Figure Skating (the subject of my next book)

5. Detroit

6. Rock & roll

7. Vintage Fisher-Price people


You can follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JensLyon
Here is my author page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenslyonauthor

12 thoughts on “About

    • Exactly! I know of writers who use a different pen name (and therefore a different “brand”) for each genre they write. If that’s what works for them, fine. I’m not criticizing them for it. I can’t see myself going that route, though. It makes life too complicated.


      • The whole genre thing complicates the issue, I think. Publishing is so genre-segregated that I might be tempted to do that just for the sake of simplicity if I wrote in different genres. Which I don;t quite. Although having said that, I did cross the line from literary to commercial, keeping my own damn name, thanks.

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  3. I’m always happy to find blogs by people who write for children. That is my ultimate dream, and it’s so nice to connect with people who are further down this path. Look forward to reading more!

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